Tower 200 - Does Randy Couture's Workout Machine Live Up to the Hype?

Published: 01st April 2011
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Physical Fitness ha progressed over the decades. Attractive looking physique, properly toned body, excellent mass... all of them seem to be the top criteria to constitute a in shape body. Many years ago, a balanced body and an energetic mind would do wonders but no longer is it the same. It's just not enough if you are smart and intelligent, you also need to have an spectacular physique to get the "WOWs" from the people.

Who does not want to look good and have a drop dead gorgeous physique? So it is simple to lure people with the rosy image and promising them of the results sometimes hypothetically. People surrender to this and with unrealistic expectation start their work outs.

Certainly individuals benefit from normal gymming, but what one must comprehend is the fact that every body has a unique constituency plus it may or may not behave in the same manner as your friends or family. My close pal and I joined the same health club together and worked out for the same weekly hours for same number of months. What we observed was my body looked better toned then hers. Mind you it was the same set of workouts too that we did!

Tower 200 is definitely an awesomrgym material created by Body by Jake, , he is among fitness industry's reigning icons. This is an easy to install home gym which requires merely a door for support. Single equipment has the capability to manage the workout for the full body. It provides 200 effective exercises which flexes each of the muscle groups to the maximum. It helps in building on the muscle in a really natural way by providing the appropriate exercises. The benefits are obvious with a brief workout for about 11 minutes every day. It helps to build on the biceps, triceps, gives the result of shoulder press crunches and squat, bicep curls and broad chest.

Tower 200 provides resistance up to 200 lbs and there are 200 exercises which work on every muscle of your body, thus the name. If time is a hindrance in your routine, there's 11 minute workout routine which can make you bigger, stronger and harder. There is a starter's manual provided so that the user can have a smooth beginning. In addition to the 11 minute workout plan, there is 4 Bonus power pack workouts. All of them is for about 3 minutes which works on arms, chest and abs and the MMA style workout. The complete setup of Tower 200 was influenced by Randy Conture, who is a 5 times MMA champion himself.

Tower 200 provides an awesome gymming experience at the comfort from where ever you are. All you require is just a door to hang the tower to begin your workout. That is why the popular promo goes - if you have the door, you have the gym. It is convenient, safe to handle, adaptable to any location and most important it is a portable gym. Even if you go on a vacation, you don't have to worry about not going to the gym. You can carry your gym along!

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